About Us

Quantum Information has emerged as an interdisciplinary field between quantum physics and information theory / computer science. It is producing quantum technologies such as quantum cryptography, quantum computer and quantum simulator, that will outperform today’s communication and information processing technologies which are based on classical physics. Quantum Biology has emerged as an interdisciplinary field between quantum information and life science since the discovery of quantum phenomena in migratory bird compasses and photosynthesis. New concepts such as “quantum entanglement” established in quantum information have become a common language bridging from black hole, microscopic quantum manybody systems to biology, and are expected to further catalyze multidisciplinary studies.

Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology consists of six research groups: Quantum Computing, Quantum Information Fusion, Quantum Information Devices, Quantum Communications and Security, Quantum Measurement and Sensing, and Quantum Biology, promoting researches in each field and transdisciplinary research among these fields as well as other academic fields. The center, as an international research hub for quantum innovations, promotes international academic exchanges and takes a key role in human resources development to social implementation.