Quantum Policy Makers Visit QIQB

On Thursday 22 June 2023, quantum policy makers from four ministries (Cabinet Office; Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; and, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) visited QIQB.

At the beginning of the visit, QIQB’s Director, Professor Masahiro Kitagawa, gave an overview of the current initiatives at QIQB. There was a lively discussion, particularly on developing future personnel for the quantum sector and the situation surrounding each university.

Following this, the participants visited a superconducting quantum computer, where QIQB Deputy Director, Associate Professor Makoto Negoro, explained the specific mechanisms of the computer. There was a discussion about the current status and challenges of the development of a domestically produced quantum computer.

Finally, the participants visited an ion trap experimental facility and the experimental facilities for quantum networks, quantum optics and cooled atomic systems, where Professor Kenji Toyoda and Associate Professor Makoto Yamashita gave an overview of each facility. This was followed by a lively discussion on future research and development plans.

QIQB consists of six research groups: quantum computing, transdisciplinary quantum science, quantum information devices, quantum communication and security, quantum biology, and quantum sensing. QIQB promotes interdisciplinary research between these fields and with other academic disciplines, while developing research in each field. As an international quantum innovation centre, QIQB also promotes exchange with overseas research centres, and promotes human resource development and social implementation.

Pictures of the visit can be found here.