New partnership agreement with New York University

The Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology (QIQB) at Osaka University and the Center for Quantum Information Physics at New York University have announced a new agreement on academic exchange. The agreement, signed on 9 October, outlines an intention to grow the partnership across a range of initiatives in quantum science and technology spanning collaborative research, joint lectures and symposiums, as well as student and researcher mobility.

The agreement was officially signed in New York on the first day of the NYC Quantum Summit 2023 which was held at New York University from 9-10 October. The Summit aims to create a quantum hub to identify and discuss near-term and long-term opportunities in quantum computation and communication.

“Global partnerships are essential as we continue exploring quantum frontiers and seek to implement quantum innovation in society. We are excited to be partnering with NYU and we look forward to promoting greater research collaboration across a range of areas and developing future talent together” said QIQB’s Director, Professor Masahiro Kitagawa, who is a speaker at this year’s NYC Quantum Summit.

QIQB is one of Osaka University’s flagship research centers, having been designated in 2021 as one of only three International Advanced Research Institutes. With over 70 researchers, QIQB is the largest quantum center of its kind in Japan and covers the full spectrum of quantum science including quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum communication and technology, quantum information devices, transdisciplinary quantum science and quantum biology.